November 27, 2014

Texas A&M System announces accountability imperative

October 29, 2012

EmpowerU measures learning outcomes for student success: accountability, quality and responsibility

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – The Texas A&M University System announced today the launch of EmpowerU, a new management and accountability program designed to more efficiently measure student success from the ground up. EmpowerU focuses on collaboration with PK-12 providers to make certain students are prepared when they arrive at A&M System institutions. It does so by ensuring students are taught what matters and by helping them stay on track to graduate fully capable, properly credentialed and ready to contribute to their professions the first day on the job.

“The level of transparency we are showing today does not exist in any university in the world,” said John Sharp, chancellor of the A&M System. “It will be a model for the rest of the nation to produce a truly transparent and effective education system.”

Recognizing the urgency to hold individual member institutions accountable for measuring quality, results and overall cost efficiency as they fulfill their unique missions, members of the Texas A&M System Board of Regents and Chancellor Sharp challenged them to provide solutions to meet the accountability imperative. Institutional leaders worked with staff and faculty to develop the program, resulting in the creation of a systematic approach based on the offerings of each institution.

“When we began to re-evaluate our performance measures over a year ago, I felt we were behind in answering the call for more accountability in terms of progress toward efficiency and effectiveness in the A&M System,” said Board of Regents Chairman Richard A. Box. “The development of EmpowerU has fully addressed those concerns and is a true showing of the leadership that is possible with team effort.”

The EmpowerU imperative is expansive, reaching from the time children enter public education until college graduation, ensuring that the A&M System has done everything possible to help them reach their potential in their academic pursuits and careers. EmpowerU provides performance metrics to facilitate support and incentivize students to graduate in a timely manner, tracks learning outcomes to assure A&M System graduates possess the skills and knowledge for success, and changes the delivery of teacher preparation and development for student success in the public school system.

The EmpowerU imperatives respect and embrace the uniqueness of our institutions and enables each of them to implement the best approaches for student success based on their student population and mission,” said Regent Elaine Mendoza, chair of the A&M System Board of Regents Committee on Student and Academic Affairs. “We expect to continue to improve. There is no finish line for this project until students are prepared, graduate timely, add value to their employer and is prepared to be an engaged citizen.

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