November 24, 2014

Prairie View A&M University’s PALs prepare incoming freshmen

Room assignments have come in, the last bag is packed and parents have been kissed. As the days draw near to freshmen year at Prairie View A&M University, filled with the excitement of the collegiate experience, the PALs are training for your arrival.

As the first people freshmen will encounter, Panther Advisor Leaders, often times in a bright yellow hat, help with the transition from high school to collegiate life. PALs engage incoming freshmen through a variety of techniques, including dancing, team-building outdoor adventures, and spirit-building rallies.

Before becoming a PAL, students must attend the Student Leadership Institute, a program designed to help develop leadership skills through lectures, workshops, programs and events. The institute emphasizes school pride, spirit and team building, all designed to address student recruitment and retention through peer involvement.

Founded in the late 1990s, PALs has become a vital part in the PVAMU experience. The hands on approach of mentorship to freshmen help students better understand the different aspects of college life. PALs are marked with the task of helping with all freshmen based activities from flag football and campus tours, to the teaching of the popular “PV Shuffle.”

Year after year the dedication and hard work of the PALs show as freshmen apply to become a PAL because of their PAL.